300 Outages And 31 Service Visits Later, My Comcast Is Still Broken

Don’t come crying to Sean with your tales of Comcast woe, because he can probably top whatever you’ve got. His Comcast service goes down just about as often as the sun and no matter what the company does to try and fix the problems, they keep occurring.

He writes:

I was wondering if you were interested in my now 16 month old Comcast horror story that just keeps getting better and better!

I’ve had comcast internet since 3/2009 during that time, I’ve experienced in excess of 300 service outages, some lasting days at a time. To date, I’ve had 31 Comcast employees at my home doing all different types of stuff adding filters, removing filters, adding cable, removing cable, you get my point.

I subscribed to the 50mb service at over $100/mo for several months, while Comcast “tried” to get it working. The fastest service they could ever deliver was 12mb. The average was 6/9mb, yet my next door neighbor gets a consistent 30+mb and only pays for 12mb package.

To date, Ive paid Comcast almost $1500, and they charged me for 6 months for the ultra high speed service and could never deliver it. I called their billing department til I was blue in the face, and they told me that a credit would not be refunded, because “its not our fault you don’t download that fast”. I had my attorney write them a letter asking for a 50% refund, (which is more than fair based upon the fact that I have suffered more downtime than uptime) and I got a call from a very rude woman in the “Executive Customer Service” department located here in Northern California, who told me “you aren’t getting anything” and then promptly hung up.

Can you guys do anything to help me? Or at least publicly embarrass them even more than America’s worst company? I’ve tried working with Bonnie Smalley (@comcast_bonnie) who has been helpful in getting techs out here, but no one has yet to stablize my connection. Today alone I’ve had 8 outages…

Comcast subscribers, keep Sean’s plight in mind next time you grumble that your DVR has up and erased the latest season of Glee of you have to suffer a couple hours of service interruptions. Still complain and despise your tormentor, of course, but remember those less fortunate.

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