Dating Site For Cheaters Offers $25 Million For Naming Rights To New Giants/Jets Stadium

My hatred for the sports teams of New York City is part of my DNA, but I still have always felt a bit sorry for the New York Jets for having to play in Giants Stadium. Things seemed to be looking up on that front when it was announced that the spankin’ new arena set to open shortly would be simply be called “New Meadowlands Stadium.” But the owners of a dating website for cheaters want to make it so that both teams are shamed by the name of their new digs.

According to TMZ, the dirty dogs at have made an offer of $25 million for five years worth of naming rights to the new stadium. If accepted — which it won’t be, but let’s just hypothesize, shall we? — that would mean the 2014 Super Bowl would be brought to you live from stadium. Classy.

To prove he’s serious about the low-ball offer, the site’s founder wrote to the stadium people that, “We would be pleased to match any such superior offer.”

This is the second time the infidelity friendly site has managed to eke out some PR through the NFL. It had purchased an ad in the program for last year’s Super Bowl — you know, the one where Peyton Manning got thumped? — that was ultimately rejected by the league.

NFL Stadium Offered $25M to Promote Adultery [TMZ]

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