Lawsuit: Land O'Lakes Must Pay $25 Million For Massive Egg Price-Fixing Conspiracy

A recent class-action lawsuit against Land O’Lakes alleges that the farmers’ co-operative was part of a price-fixing conspiracy within the the ovo-industrial complex to keep egg prices artificially high. According to court documents, conspirators worked toward having fewer total hens laying in the United States, leading to more money per egg for everyone, and a nice violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

While other companies are involved, Land O’Lakes (or, as my grocery receipts call them, “LOL”) and two subsidiaries will pay $25 million to settle the case and avoid more litigation

And I got through this post without cracking open even one bad egg pun. Oh…. crap.

Land O’Lakes Settles Egg Antitrust Action For $25M [Law360] (via A Humane Nation)

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