Congresswoman Hints That Comcast May Have Tried To Buy Her Support

As the merger of Worst Company In America 2010 and only-worth-watching-for-Biggest-Loser network NBC continues to limp forward through the bureaucratic maze, a California Congresswoman hinted not so subtly yesterday that the cable giant had contacted her in a not-exactly-professional manner.

During a House Judiciary Committee that took place in L.A. on Monday, Representative Maxine Waters stated that she had received a call from “somebody at Comcast asking, ‘What do you want?'”

Waters, who has been grilling the cable giant on issues of ethnic diversity, claims she replied by explaining the need for greater diversity in media. However, Waters says the Comcast caller responded by saying, “I’m talking about what do you want?”

Following the hearing, the Congresswoman would only say “We go no further” about the bomb dropped during the session.

For their part, Comcast vehemently denies any impropriety on their part:

Any implication that anyone ever inquired about what Congresswoman Waters would want personally is completely untrue. We meet and discuss the proposed joint venture with many members of Congress and other leaders. We have repeatedly tried to understand Congresswoman Waters’ concerns so that we can address them.

Congress has no direct say in approval of the NBC/Comcast merger; those powers belong to the FCC and the Justice Dept. But since Congress does have budget oversight of both the FCC and DOJ, there have been several hearings in Congress and the Senate on this particular merger

Comcast-Universal merger attacked [L.A. Times]

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