Sexy Banker: Chase Told Me To Shut Up About Citibank Lawsuit

You remember last week’s story of the former Citibank employee who claimed she was fired for being too sexy? Of course you do. Now she’s claiming that her current employer, JP Morgan Chase, has asked her to stop her public campaign against a fellow banking giant.

Even though the woman, who has been working at Chase as a licensed personal banker for about a month, never identified herself as a Chase employee, her lawyer said his client had been told by a supervisor that her decision to go public with her grievances against Citibank had violated company policy and that the matter had been escalated to the CEO’s office.

Says her lawyer:

“These are the people who’ve been gaming the system… Now they’re saying she’s making the industry look bad.
They’re circling the wagons for Citibank.

The plaintiff has begun making morning show circuits, appearing earlier today on Good Morning America, probably much to the chagrin of her former and current bosses.

Debrahlee Lorenzana, banking beauty suing Citigroup, says JPMorgan Chase wants her to shut up [NY Daily News]

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