Which Food Brands Are You Most Loyal To?

I don’t know about you, but when I go to a diner and the ketchup on the table isn’t my brand — it rhymes with “Heinz” — or if it’s something calling itself “catsup,” I know I won’t be ordering anything that requires that particular condiment. The same goes true for mayonnaise: Nothing with the word “miracle” in the title is getting anywhere near my taste buds.

Most people have these feelings about at least one food product. I have friends who will turn into petulant children when informed that their favorite carbonated beverage — especially diet cola drinkers — is unavailable. Then there are those for whom there can be only one fast food burger or chicken sandwich. Others will only eat certain types of ice cream, hot dogs or even pickles. No substitutes will be accepted.

What about you? Which foodstuffs are you most wedded to? What do you do when faced with having to eat a brand you’d otherwise avoid like the plague?

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