An Easy Way To Make Comcast Spell Your Name Right

A fellow whose last name is Ernst — or is it “Earnest?” — says he’s annoyed with Comcast misspelling his name on its billing statements. He writes:

I recently started service with Comcast for my cable and internet. I just received my first invoice and they absolutely butchered my last name, Ernst, spelling it Earnest. When I called customer service to have it corrected, I was told I would physically have to go to the Comcast Office to have their mistake fixed. Is there any way around this, or do I have to take time from work to fix the spelling of my own name? Thanks.

I brought up the issue to Mark Casem from Comcast Customer Connect, who said it would be no problem to spell customers’ names correctly. Write him at: (doesn’t seem like a personal email, so no lolcat forwards.

This news should please Jamie, another Comcast misspelling casualty.

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