Indoor Tanning Quadruples Risk Of Skin Cancer

Think that tanning bed is safer than the evil ol’ sun? Not quite. A new study from the American Association for Cancer Research has determined that frequent use of tanning beds can quadruple your risk of skin cancer. But, hey, you’ll look great, and isn’t that the first step to good health?

Consumer Reports Health sheds some sunlight on the news:

Eager to soak up the sun, or at least look like they have, some folks are getting their bronze on early—indoors. But indoor tanning beds can increase the risk of melanoma up to four times, according to a new study released by the American Association for Cancer Research. The bottom line: Melanoma risk goes up with frequent indoor tanning, regardless of how old people are when they start using tanning beds.

According to the report, the pursuit of a bronzed body has become so popular that the indoor tanning industry estimates that some 30 million Americans visit tanning salons each year. That figure is nearly double that of the early 1980s. Last year the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified tanning devices as carcinogenic.

The FDA is currently considering banning teens from using tanning beds; teenage girls and young women are the largest users of tanning salons.

Indoor tanning booths can quadruple your skin cancer risk [Consumer Reports Health]

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