Personal Finance Roundup

Five Simple Substitutions, One Big Change [The Simple Dollar] “It’s amazing how much money can be saved by making one simple change in your life.”

Personal-Finance Basics for the Class of 2010 [The Wall Street Journal] “Here are some of the new developments most likely to affect the class of 2010.”

Things you think will make money but don’t [Smart Spending] “When asked, readers listed going to college, buying gold, and cooking at home, among other things. Not everyone agreed.”

The wacky world of college scholarships [MSN Money] “Need some help affording college? A special skill or interest — or even a particular last name — can put a big dent in a student’s tuition.”

7 Questions You Must Ask Your Financial Adviser [Kiplinger] “Understanding your financial adviser’s motives, expertise and methods is crucial to managing your wealth.”


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