Towing Co. Loses Half Its Accounts After Suing Over Facebook Page

Surely some of you remember the item we posted last month about a towing company in Michigan that had filed a $750,000 slander and libel lawsuit against a college student because he’d created a Facebook page for people to voice their complaints about the company. Well, that move appears to have backfired for the towing company, which has since lost a good chunk of business.

Since launching in February, the Facebook page for Kalamazoo Residents Against T&J Towing has garnered over 11,300 members and made this local towing company an object of national derision.

According to reports, T&J has lost half of its commercial towing accounts, including the apartment complex from which the creator of the Facebook page had his car towed in January.

Says a lawyer for T&J about the company’s owner:

He has wrongly become a pariah in the eyes of many people in the community… He’s lost upwards of 15 accounts because of the hostility this situation has created.

Meanwhile, lawyers for the student claim they are now using the complaints posted to the Facebook page to identify others who believe they’ve been wronged by T&J, with the purpose of possibly filing a class-action suit against the towing company.

Fight with student may wreck tow firm []

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