HBO To Start Gouging PS3 Owners As Well As Pay TV Customers

HBO is putting its shows up for download on the PlayStation 3, NASDAQ reports, but its $3-per-hourlong episode pricing is even nastier than its monthly charge for cable and satellite subscribers — about $20 on Comcast in my neck of the woods.

Most hourlong PS3 shows are about a buck, but hey — that’s TV, this is HBO.

The shows will come to the console 11 months after they originally air on the network, which is pretty much when the shows come out on video.

If you’re into HBO shows, how do you go about watching them? I’m a strict DVD rental guy, supplemented with the occasional free 3-month HBO binges as an apology from Comcast when my rented DVR craps out and erases all my stuff.

Sony In Deal To Offer HBO Shows Through PlayStation 3 [NASDAQ via Kotaku]

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