I Preordered Mario But GameStop Told Me My Princess Is In Another Cancel

Brian loves him some Mario, so he pre-ordered seven copies of Super Mario Galaxy 2 at GameStop. When he went to pick up his games yesterday, when it was released, he was stonewalled and told the store could only give him five copies. Never mind he already had paid for all of them in full.

He writes:

I preordered (paid in full) 7 copies of Super Mario Galaxy 2 over a week and a half ago. Today the game came out, I went to the store I preordered from, and they told me they just received an email from their corporate office saying that only 5 copies of the game could be given out per customer per day due to low quantity. I did all I could, but the CSR wouldn’t budge (nor the manager on duty). It’s infuriating that they were so happy to take my money for the preorder, but the day the game comes out, they can deny me picking up the games that I already paid for.

I called the corporate office and pled my story, and all they said was they’d have the district manager call me within 3 days.

Isn’t the whole point of preordering something is so that you’re guaranteed the game on the street date?

Hopefully you can spread the word about the bad practice Gamestop is doing with this game so they won’t do it again in the future.

It was poor form of GameStop not to tell Brian about the pre-order limit when it lapped up his money. If you’ve ever pre-ordered an item and not been able to get it, how did you react?

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