Sex And The City Sequel Is Just A Really Long Commercial

Wonder why Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex And The City 2 is using a HP laptop? HP paid for it. Why are they drinking Skyy vodka? Well, that’s the films “official vodka.” According to the NYP, “every aspect of Carrie’s life is reduced to a vignette that can be monetized.”

According to the article everything from the dress she wears on the poster (from her Halston Heritage brand, $325, available at to the drink she sips while going to the gym, (Lipton Sparkling Green Tea, official sponsor,) is making money for someone, often Sarah Jessica Parker.

From the NYP:

The actress is using the film as an opportunity to pimp out the Halston Heritage brand, for which she was named “chief creative officer” in January. She cannily made sure that the white Halston Heritage dress she’s wearing in the movie’s other poster became available on as soon as the image was released. So if you have $325, you can dress just like Carrie — and conveniently funnel money back to SJP’s coffers. Five of the 41 looks worn by Parker in the film are also by the label’s Heritage line.

The switch to HP seems to be causing the most stir, as the character was apparently something of a Mac aficionado up until the sponsorship checks started rolling in to Warner Bros.

And now for your viewing pleasure, here’s Ms. Parker’s new HP commercial:

Ca$h & Carrie [NYP]

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