Great Moments In Stupid Inventions

Somewhere out there, at this very minute, someone, maybe even you, is inventing something totally ridiculous with plans of making it the next big thing that consumers can’t live without. Instead of just wondering about what stupid inventions are out there, why not check out a round-up of 37 of them?

The New York Daily News has put together a handy little slideshow to call attention to those “stupid inventions” that you might otherwise not ever have heard about.

Here are a few favorites:

Noisy bars are the worst, am I right? If you can’t hear your pal, just make sure you’ve got one of these handy plastic bubblehead thingies that goes over the head of conversationalists and blocks out background noise. Then prepare to be mocked.

Rice-growing bra: How often are you like, “Ugh, I need to wear a bra and I want to grow rice. If only I could do both at the same time and in the same place on my body!” Enter this gem, a bra developed in Japan with pots that double as cups. The wearer waters the pots with a hose that loops around the waist as a belt. Convenient!

White Castle candle:
Yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like — a candle that, when lit, emits the smell of sliders. For those special occasions in life when you want your home to smell like steamed meat.

Cat dusting slippers: Feeling lazy and like cleaning is the last thing you want to do? Slip these slippers on your cat and let it dust your house instead! Or watch as it curls up and goes to sleep in a sunbeam and totally ignores your orders to begin dusting.

Wine glass that holds an entire bottle: Attention, winos! Is that trip back and forth to the wine bottle to refill your glass just getting to be too much of a hassle? Check out this glass that holds an entire bottle of wine… because drinking straight out of the bottle is so not classy.

Odor-blocking blanket: Everyone hates being Dutch Ovened by their significant other, so why not invest in this blanket that eliminates gaseous odors? Actually now that I think about it, this is a pretty good idea.

Check out all 37 at NYDN.

World’s stupidest inventions [New York Daily News]