5 Ways Grocery Stores Rip You Off

LiveCheap uncovers ways in which grocery stores make you pay more for less with subtle techniques you may not easily notice. It seems supermarkets can get mighty sketchy when it comes to arranging its meat section.

From the post:

Intentionally Lean Packaged Meats:

We don’t mean low fat, we mean low weight. Earlier this week, the Ralph’s grocery chain in Los Angeles was sued by the city for deliberately selling pre-packaged meats that weighed less than advertised. The Department of Weights and Measures found the practice was widespread dozens of stores. How do they do it? A combination of many different methods: including the package in the weight calculation, adding an ice glazing to the weight, and just plain selling meat that was less than the stated weight. In some stores the average was 3.5% lower than the specified weight. On a two pound package of $5 per pound meat, that works out to 35 cents. Doesn’t seem like much until you think about buying 100 of those packages in a year or the chain selling tens of thousands of them every day.

Paying 15% More for Water:

The next time you grab a package of chicken look at it very carefully. You might just find the words “Up to 15% solution.” The store will tell you it’s to improve the flavor, but it’s almost certainly done to boost their bottom line. So while you may be paying $1.99 a pound for that inexpensive chicken, its really more like $2.29. Virtually free water is what helps them boost their profits.

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What do grocery stores do to make you feel as though you’ve been ripped off?

5 Sneaky Ways Grocery Stores Take You For More Money [LiveCheap]

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