Costco Really Loves Your Mom, Buys Her A Coffee Machine For Mother's Day

Joshua received such stunningly good customer service while shopping for a Mother’s Day gift at Costco that he had to share his story with Consumerist. He writes that he located a store that had the specific coffee machine that he wanted in stock, called the store to verify, and drove some distance to the store to pick it up. When he arrived, he learned that the store didn’t have the machine in stock after all…but it’s what happened next that makes this a true “Above and Beyond” story.

I was in search of a single cup coffee maker for a Mother’s Day gift. I had done research and decided on a Keurig model. I found it at Costco for $139 which was about $40 less than anywhere else. Unfortunately when I went to buy it they were sold out everywhere. I tried four stores with the same result. I called the last Costco within a reasonable driving distance. They told me they had 6 left. I told them to hold one for me and I would pick it up in the evening. When I arrived the floor manger said to wait while she went to another mangers office. She came back with the coffee maker in hand. She then told me they were wrong about the 6 they said they had in stock. She said they were sold out so they went to another store and bought it for me! Then to my amazement she said I could have it for no charge! I was literally speechless. This is by far the best customer service I have ever received.

I have always enjoyed Costco but now I love it! Costco saved Mothers’s Day!

Costco is just being too amazing to our readers for its own good lately. Can I trade my local BJ’s store for one, please?

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