Now Geek Squad Is Optimizing Girl Scouts

We applaud the idea of teaching kids how to use technology more effectively, so we’ll assume that Geek Squad Summer Academy, which teaches Girl Scouts and other youngsters “the basic components of technology through fun, engaging, and informative activities not likely found in a traditional school setting,” is a great program, and not an insidious plot to get them to go home and start optimizing their parents’ computers at the end of the summer. Then again, we bet the margin on those $39.99 tune-ups are better than what the girls make hawking cookies.

According to Girl Scouts of New Jersey:

The mission of the Geek Squad Summer Academy is to inspire a passion for, and comfort with technology through fun interactive classes and activities. By partnering with the Geek Squad Summer Academy, Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey aims to enhance the understanding of technology for girls in the Council’s communities. This program will help girls confidently, resourcefully, and effectively navigate the increasingly connected world. It will also broaden the possibility of an exciting future in today’s quickly evolving high-tech culture.

The fee for the course is $38, which includes “wearable Geek Squad gear.” We sort of think Geek Squad should be paying the girls to become walking billboards, but we’re just odd that way. Geek Squad sells more “gear” on its Summer Academy web site, which boasts that the program’s mission is to “inspire younger generation’s direct involvement with technology.” We hope that’s true (and that it can be worded a little better), and that the girls don’t end up insisting that we buy an extended warranty with our next order of Tagalongs.

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