An Online Thief Spent $100 Of My Money On World Of Warcraft

Amanda says someone managed to nab her credit card info and tried to stick her with $500 in World of Warcraft charges. Most of the charges didn’t go through, but she remained $100 in the hole until she got a refund. It’s enough to make someone want to go on a Death Knight rampage.

She writes:

I’ve had a pretty interesting weekend. When I went to get coffee yesterday my debit card was declined. I was next to my bank (Chase) so I decided to stop in. It turns out that someone tried to run up over 500 dollars worth of charges for World of Warcraft! I have to give a high five to Chase for all the help they gave me. Not only did they credit back the charges. Of the $500 dollars only 100 was actually posted to my account. There were multiple charges and that is how my account got tagged. I was issued a new debit card and a temporary ATM card. My real trouble begins with trying to contact Blizzard. I know that my Debit card numbers could have been taken at many different times. I try to be safe with them but stuff happens.

I tried to call Blizzard at their billing number and technical support number. I have tried multiple times and always get a recording saying that they have a high call volume and to e-mail. I’m trying to contact them so see if there is any way to track down who is using my debit card. Well I sent an e-mail and got a response back saying that they received it and that they are open 8am to 8pm 7 days a week.

So far I have not gotten a reply and I have tried calling their number multiple times and have not been able to get through.

My question to you is, should I keep trying, wait patiently, or do you or the readers have another way for me to contact Blizzard? I have been a fan of The Consumerist for many months now and no that your readers have really great ideas.