This Is Why No One Trusts The Postal Service

A postal worker from Brooklyn is in hot water after he was found with three full sacks of undelivered mail in the trunk of his car.

The mail carrier was driving through the Catskills in upstate New York recently when he was pulled over by police for a suspended registration.

Since the car had to be impounded, the officers proceeded to do an inventory of the contents. That’s when they discovered the three USPS mailbags containing 537 pieces of mail.

Recalls Lt. Gregory Sager of the Catskills PD:

We did an inventory search because it was going to be impounded… We found three large bags of mail, unopened and opened, time-sensitive mail, priority mail. He said he had taken it. We don’t know where he was going

According to reports, the postal worker, who didn’t work a regular route but would fill in for other carriers during their days off, later admitted to deliberately delaying the mail found in his trunk.

An arrest warrant has since been issued for him.

‘Letter-stash’ mail carrier pulls a ‘Seinfeld’-esque stunt [NY Post]

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