FDA Wants To Know Which Labels You Read When You Shop

The Food and Drug Administration is looking into adjusting labeling regulations and wants to know what you’re looking for to ensure a food item’s healthiness when you’re digging through supermarket shelves.

Here’s what the FDA wants to know, according to its April 28 news release:

* The extent to which consumers notice, use and understand nutrition symbols on front-of-pack labeling of food packages or on shelf tags in retail stores

* Research that assesses and compares the effectiveness of particular approaches to front-of-pack labeling

* Graphic design, marketing and advertising data and information that can help develop better point-of-purchase nutrition information

* How point-of-purchase information may affect decisions by food manufacturers to reformulate products.

The front-of-pack nutrition labeling effort aims to maximize the number of consumers who readily notice, understand, and use point-of-purchase information to make nutritious choices for themselves and their families.

You have until July 28 to say your piece. You can comment online at regulations.gov by entering Docket No. FDA-2010-N-0210.

FDA Seeks Comment, Information, Data on Front-of-Package Labeling and Shelf-Tag Symbols [FDA]
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