Delta Offers More Money For Pooch Lost In Transit, Apologizes

Paco is still missing, but after we contacted them, Delta reached out to Josiah and said sorry, along with offering to reimburse him for all the costs he put into the dog and two additional $200 vouchers for future travel on their airline. Josiah says that’s unnecessary, as he still probably won’t be flying Delta ever again after this experience.

The airline offered to cover all of Joisah’s costs for the dog, reimbursing him for the shots, food, leash, and kennel he had bought.

“Lost baggage is one thing, but a live animal…,” says Josiah. He says the Delta rep who spoke with him was quite compassionate and sincere, saying she “felt really bad” and that she was a dog lover herself.

While he appreciated the sentiment, it doesn’t bring Paco home. “It’s crazy that it took a website like you talking to them before I could talk to someone who could actually do anything,” he said.

Delta wasn’t able to share any details about what had happened down in Mexico. A spokesperson said the airline was investigating the issue.

Josiah theorized that the kennel either got misplaced and Paco is sitting somewhere in the airport still. “Or someone took him because they thought he looked like a good family dog, which he would, completely,” he said. “I don’t believe that he escaped.”

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