Be Polite, Not Pushy For Better Customer Service

Does the squeaky wheel get the grease or do you draw more flies with honey than vinegar? Consumerism Commentary endorses the latter method when it comes to getting the best customer service possible, making the case for why politeness gets you farther than pushiness.

A few tips from the post:

â– Write down (or just temporarily learn) his/her name. Use it conversationally, but especially near the end just before whatever changes that need to be made are about to be made.

â– Acknowledge that he/she is an independent, intelligent human being with feelings. They will reciprocate that point of view on you, too.

â– Remember their position: they’ve been talking to people with problems like yours for hours. Believe it or not, they like it when they’re able to help. Give them a chance to help you.

Have you found that kindness is the best complaint policy?

Customer Service: Politeness vs. Demands [Consumerism Commentary via Lifehacker]
(Thanks, GitEmSteveDave!)

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