What Should I Do With This $2000 Defective Sears Mower?

Reader Edgar wants to know what we think he should do with the defective riding lawn mower he bought from Sears.

We join Edgar after he has just purchased the mower and is trying it out for the first time:

I used it for about 15 minutes and it vibrated so much that it was dangerous to use beside probably damaging the mower.

I have the 3 year warranty and they promised at the store that repair would fix any problems. Repair service tells me that it will be May the 25th before they will come and check the mower.

When a customer buys a $2000.00 new lawnmower, Sears should respect their customer and not make them wait a month before using their mower. All I expect is for them to check and fix the problem. If they can not give better service maybe I should return the mower for a refund.
Please advise the best thing for me to do.

It looks from the Sears website that you might be in for a 15% restocking fee if you do return the mower, but it doesn’t say anything about exchanges.

Let’s put it to a vote:

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