No, A $1,000 Purse Is Still Not An Investment

Around this time last year, we posted an article about how luxury goods companies are marketing their products as “investments” during the recession, rather than indulgences. It’s an interesting way to position four-figure handbags, but a bad use of the word “investment.” The Los Angeles Times’ Your Stylist column recently brought out this meme, describing an expensive handbag as an investment and “your new best friend.” Should it be?

There’s nothing quite like the first grown-up bag that will hang from your arm making you feel polished, put-together and confident: Your new best friend that comes with the price tag of about $1,000.

How much does a purse have to cost to be considered “grown-up”?

I prefer to carry $1,000 worth of electronic gadgets around in a $30 shoulder bag, but this is probably why I’m a Consumerist editor and not a professional stylist.

Your Stylist: Investing in your first grown-up handbag [LA Times]

Since When Is Dropping $1600 On A Purse An Investment?

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