New Craigslist Scam Harvests Your Cellphone, Crams $9.95/Month

A new Craigslist scam is targeting your cellphone. Sellers report getting a message from a “serious buyer” who is busy “at work” and “can’t contact” them now. The fictional buyer says they “use a website that can save information” and asks the seller to “leave your phone number there” so they can call you after they “get home to arrange a meeting.” Based on one users’ experience, the site, which has already been pulled, then starts cramming $9.95/month monthly charges onto any cellphone number that gets entered. Here is one of the scam emails:

“Hi, I’m very interested in your item and would like to pay in cash.

I’m at work currently, so I can’t contact you before I get home.

However, I use a website that can save information so you can leave your phone number there.

Send me your cell phone number here:

I’m a serious buyer and need this. I will call you after I get home to arrange a meeting.



While most Consumerist readers wouldn’t fall for such a ridiculous request, the naive, inexperienced, or desperate could fall afoul.

(Thanks to c-side!)

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