Oakland Is Out Of Weed, City Council Declares

Only in the Bay Area does it become an official civic emergency when pot stashes dry up. The Easy Bay Express reports the Oakland City council declared a local public health emergency because supplies of medical marijuana have dwindled.

The declaration, originally issued 12 years ago, is just a formality, but is a way of thumbing its nose at the federal government.

From the story:

The city originally issued the declaration because federal and state law enforcers were busting local growers and cancer patients. That threat of imprisonment persists to this day. The declaration says people could die due to lack of cannabis, so it’s cause for Oakland to continue the declaration.

The fine print of the declaration basically states that the people of California and the City of Oakland have voted for legal medicinal cannabis, because it helps the sick, hurting and dying. The sick and dying have such a need that the city of Oakland itself has tried help them get the plant. But the United States has blocked Oakland’s efforts, sent the sick into the streets to get their medicine and perpetuated their suffering.

Where do you stand on the issue of medical Mary Jane?

Lack of Weed an ‘Emergency’ in Oakland [East Bay Express]
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