Roku Can't Swing Baseball Streaming Until Later This Month

Brett got a Roku and Premium package because he was psyched that the device would let him stream games in HD on his TV and computer. But baseball season has officially started and Brett still can’t stream his games.

He writes:

I recently purchased a Roku device and the Premium package beacause it was advertised that I would be able to watch the entire season with my Roku box on the big screen tv and in HD on the computer.

Today is opening day and now Roku and MLB are saying the games will not be available until mid-late April on the Roku device.

Also, the HD feature called “Nex-def” is not compatible with Windows 7 making it a total waste for me on my desktop.

While I am new to both Roku and the package I have been reading in the forums that this is third year in a row that has failed to deliver as advertised and many are alleging purposeful misrepresentation.

Another point of frustration today is that here on opening day the Roku support forum has been down all day. Hmmmm. Must have anticipated a flood of complaints is my opinion. Typical of Roku support since I got the device.

This MLB forum seconds Brett’s anger. If you were sucked into this trap, how are you coping?

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