Kindles To Be Sold At Some Target Stores Starting April 25

Now that the iPad is upon them, Amazon has finally made a deal to unleash their popular Kindle e-reader to the bricks-and-mortar retail market. Amazon has made a deal with Target that will have Kindles in some of their stores as early as this Sunday.

The first stores to get the Kindle will be in south Florida and the chain’s flagship store in downtown Minneapolis. These stores should start selling Kindles on April 25.

Target says it plans on rolling out the device for sale in all its stores, but gave no specific time line as to the whens and wheres.

Says a dude from Target, hopefully with a cool Minnesota accent:

We’re excited to be working with Amazon to help even more readers discover Kindle, in-store only at Target… We strive to enhance our product offerings to include surprising products and services at great values so we’re proud to be the first brick-and-mortar retailer to sell Kindle, allowing our guests to feel how lightweight and easy on the eyes Kindle is.

Is this going to be enough for Kindle to maintain its E-reader market share? Or does its lack of color and it singular use put it at a disadvantage?

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