Bank of America Forecloses On, Then Auctions Off, Home With Paid-Up Mortgage

Imagine that you’re a homeowner who has managed to stay current on all your mortgage payments. And then you find out that the bank has not only foreclosed on your house, but they’ve also sold it at auction. That’s exactly what happened to to a couple in Georgia.

The husband says he was outside working on his truck, minding his own business, when a fella approached him with paperwork, saying, “Hi I just bought this house.”

Yep, someone at Bank of America screwed the pooch big time on this one, somehow listing the couple’s $500,000 home with no delinquent payments as a foreclosed property, which was subsequently auctioned off on the steps of the county courthouse. And it all happened without the homeowners knowing anything about it.

When they initially contacted BofA about the kerfuffle, the bank confirmed that the mortgage payments were current, but would not admit that a mistake had been made.

“They sold my house overnight and they need to fix this fast,” said the wife.

Here’s what the braintrust at BofA has to say:

It appears that a mistake has been made in this case. We are working diligently to research and rectify the situation as quickly as possible. We apologize to the Achaibar family for this unfortunate mistake.

As for them, the couple is just happy to not be out on the street: “Thank God it was a nice person who bought our house or he probably would have put us out.”

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