Bank Of America Misplaced Divorce Decree, Handed Over All My Money To Ex

Deb tells Consumerist that she did the proper thing after her divorce: months ago, she brought a copy of the divorce decree to her local Bank of America branch so they could remove her ex-husband from the account. The branch manager declared the situation taken care of, which is why Deb was horrified to learn last week that her ex’s name had never been removed from the account, and he had transferred its contents–all of her money–into his own account. Yep, the branch manager made a mistake, and no one at BoA will admit that it was their mistake.

Back in January I took Bank of America a copy of my divorce decree so that they could remove my ex-husbands name from my account. I presented the paperwork to the branch manager. She took it and said she would make sure it was put into the system. On this past Friday my ex wire transferred 925.00 from my BOA acct into an account of his. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with BOA and they are saying there is nothing they can do. They can’t file a fraud claim because his name remains on my account so as far as they are concerned he has a right to transfer money out of the account. His name remains on the account because the branch manager didn’t do her job.

This is their error and no one is willing to accept responsibility for their employee not doing her job. That money was every dime I had. I have nothing to live on for the next two weeks and all I’m getting from them is a lot of excuses to cover their asses. This is fraud….and theft and no one is willing to do anything about it. I have been a customer of BoA for more than 20 years and have sent them probably 100 + customers over the years but apparently that means nothing to them. He stole money from me and they helped him just as sure as if they handed the money to him and he has NEVER been a BoA customer…how’s that for loyalty.

We’re sure that your local branch’s biggest boss, CEO Brian Moynihan, would love to hear about this situation (or at least have one his his trusted lackeys do so.) Here’s how to contact him.

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