Woman Takes Clothes Into Walmart Changing Room To Pee On Them

If there’s any lesson to be learned from this story it’s this: When you decide to take a bunch of clothes into a store’s changing room with the intention of voiding your bladder all over them, do not leave your wallet behind.

That’s what police in Cape Coral, FL, allege a 22-year-old woman did at her local Walmart.

According to authorities, employees saw the suspect take $163 worth of clothing from the racks into the changing room, where she apparently decided to test their urine absorption capacity.

She made it easy work for the police to find her by leaving her wallet, complete with driver’s license, in the room with the pee-drenched pile of clothes.

The woman has been charged with criminal mischief and property damage and has been released on $500 bail.

We’re going to assume that the clothes were not immediately put back on the sales floor.

Police arrest woman suspected of urinating on clothes at Cape Coral Walmart [News-Press.com]

Thanks to Ron for the tip!

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