In These Harsh Times, Is It OK To Be A Scab?

Mike poses a question to you, wise ones — is it OK to cross a picket line during a strike if you really, really need a job?

He writes:

No tip, but a question to pose for the audience. The City of Seattle garbage-men just went on strike (details here: ), and my first thought was not solidarity for the union, but “Wow! a whole bunch of job openings!” as I scurried off to send my resume. You see, I’ve been unemployed for 10 months now and I cant even get a call back for an interview, let alone anything resembling a job. I remember as a kid (mostly coming from my dad) that being a scab was a huge stigma – but does being in the middle of a economic crisis overwrite those taboos? Or is being a scab a part of a different era?

For the record, if the NFL has a lockout and needs slow, untalented replacement players, I’m totally in. Now please vote in this poll to let Mike know what he should do.