Dodgers Are Also Holding Yankees Series Tickets Hostage To Ticket Block Plans

Stefan, who lives in Dodgers territory, writes in to say his team is running the same upselling scheme as the New York Mets when it comes to Yankees tickets, forcing fans to buy the tickets in blocks rather than individually.

He writes:

Dodgers are doing the same thing for the Yankees/Dodgers series June 25-27, except they are making people buy a 7-game Mini Plan (they are calling it the 7-Game Yankees Plan) or greater.

From the Dodger website:

No tickets for Opening Day 2010 on Tuesday, April 13th, or the Yankees series in June, are available at this time.

The only way to secure your seat to watch the Dodgers on Opening Day or see the Boys in Blue take on the defending World Series Champion Yankees is with a 2010 Season Ticket or Mini Plan.

Is your hometown Major League team using the same ploy when the Bronx Bombers come to town?

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