Chase Charges $5 To Use Non-Chase ATMs Outside The U.S.?

Chase says this about using non-Chase ATMs: “$2 each for any non-Chase ATM withdrawal, balance inquiry or transfer. $3 per ATM withdrawal outside the U.S.” You might think that means it costs $2 in the U.S., and $3 outside. You’d be wrong.

Leila writes,

I bank with both Chase and Citibank, using Citibank for my international transactions, namely wire transfers as they have a good Global Wire transfer program. Sometimes I withdraw money from the Citibank ATM using my Chase Bank Card, to deposit money into the Citibank Account. Each time I use the Citibank ATM I am charged a 3.00 ATM fee, which is outrageous.

Upon looking at my recent Chase Banking Statements, it came to my attention that in ADDITION to the 3.00 Non Chase ATM Fee’s that I am charged directly during the withdrawal, Chase ALSO administers a 2.00 NON CHASE ATM FEE usually within 24 hours of outside ATM withdrawals, which actually makes ALL NON CHASE ATM WITHDRAWEL FEE’s $5.00 per transaction, NOT 3.00.

I called Chase to discuss this and was given the standard “We can mail you our disclosure notice”. I repeatedly asked why I am charged at the point of transaction AND after for a total of 5.00 per transaction and was given absolutely no adequate answer.

Most people seem to believe they are paying 2.00 OR 3.00 for Non Chase ATM Fee’s, but the actual fee as of April 20, 2010 is a whopping $5.00 per transaction.

Update: Several readers have suggested that the $5 is typical for international ATM access. One reader says it doesn’t cost $5 to use Chase ATMs in Mexico.

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