Supreme Court Doesn't Know Difference Between Email And A Pager

Better hope your technorights-based lawsuit doesn’t make it all the way to the US Court of Last Resort, because these august judges might not have a freakin’ clue of what’s going on. Turns out they don’t know the difference between email and a pager, among other things.

In a case that looked into whether a Cali PD violated the personal rights of an employee by reviewing personal text messages (i.e. “sext messages”) sent by an employee on a department-owned paper, the black-cloaked set displayed a stunning disconnect from basic technology, asking such questions as what’s the difference between “email and a pager” (thank you Judge Roberts) and what would happen if a text message was sent to a popo while he was responding to someone else. “Does it say, “Your call is important to us and we’ll get back to you?” queried Justice Kennedy.

Hey, their lack of familiarity with the issue at hand only lends to their objectivity, right?

Our Tech-Savvy Supreme Court [WSJ Law Blog]

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