Netflix Rolls Out Some Captions For Streaming Video

Netflix streaming is great. If you’re like me and most of your Netflix queue consists of TV series and independent movies, it’s the best deal in entertainment. One of its major flaws, though, is that video streams lack captions or closed-captioning. Netflix is starting to fix this problem…but only for a limited number of videos and only for users who stream on their Mac or Windows PCs.

From the official Netflix blog:

This is Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer at Netflix. As I promised last year, I’m pleased to report that today we have enabled closed captioning for some TV episodes and movies that you can watch instantly on your PC or Mac. Although it’s a limited library of content with subtitles available – about 100 titles – we now have released the technology and we will be working to fill in the library over time.

We have similar technology working in the lab for some of our game console, Blu-ray, and DTV platforms, which will roll out in releases starting this fall, along with support for 5.1 audio.

Since I stream on a Roku, this seems to leave me behind, but it’s a start.

Subtitles Now Available for Some Titles for PC/Mac Viewing (Thanks, trixare4kids!)

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