Apple Bans Man From Ever Buying Another iPad

Apple has banned a blogger from buying any more iPads. Ever. Like, for the rest of his life, he is not allowed to buy a single one. He will die an old man, still clutching the same iPad, forbidden from ever upgrading. Porkay?

There’s a “two iPads per customer rule” and this guy was buying two per day to resell at cost to his buddies as a favor. He writes,

When Apple delayed the international iPad launch by a month, early adopters worldwide started to panic. Since my nearby Apple store initially had plenty of stock, I offered to purchase and ship iPads internationally for members of the NeoGAF gaming forum. I was doing this as a favor, unlike hoarders who were unloading iPads on eBay to cash in on the $150+ markup. Instead, my asking prices were very reasonable, just enough to cover all the tax, international express shipping, and Paypal fees with a little left over for gas and my time.

Because this is precisely the behavior a scalper would use to sell iPads at a premium, Apple banned him. He retells the whole story on his blog, it’s kind of interesting to see how the Apple employees deal with the situation and are only allowed to communicate with him within a limited set of prescripted responses.

How I went from Apple store newbie to lifetime ban in one week [Protocol Snow] (Thanks to Andrew!)

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