W Hotel In Hollywood Rescinds Too Uncool For Pool Policy

It seems the too-cool-for-school policy at The W in Hollywood of barring its own guests from its swanky rooftop parties has gone the way of other bad ideas in hotel management. After Jason Cochran, blogger for The Gadling, called them out for their super douchey policy, management has done some quality backpedaling.

Jason writes:

The hotel’s general manager, Jim McPartlin, personally wrote me a note apologizing for the policy. “It is inexcusable, and I can assure you that I have taken measures to ensure it does not happen again,” he told me. “Opening a hotel can be a challenge, but developing a strong service culture is something I practice with my team each day.”

Whereas previously, guests paying the $230/night room rate weren’t allowed at the Sunday pool parties, put on by a promotional company, they now can jump the line at the aforementioned super awesome cool people soirees.

You know, just in case guests are in the mood to mingle with that speedo-wearing hipster guy whose facial hair has been shaved into an intricately lame pattern to offset his deliberately ironic gold chain.

The W Hollywood recants and allows guests to jump the line for its pool [Comedy Central]

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