Jay-Z Sues David Ortiz Over Copycat Club Name

It’s the hitmaker vs. the designated hitter, as rapper/producer/mogul/Beyonce-marrier Jay-Z has filed a lawsuit against Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, claiming the oversized Ortiz stole the name of his new nightclub from Jay-Z’s celeb friendly night spot in New York City.

In the $5 million lawsuit filed yesterday in Manhattan Federal Court, Jay-Z alleges that Ortiz took the name for his Forty-Forty club in the Dominican Republic after paying a visit to the rapper’s 40/40 club in the Big Apple.
Lawyers said it can’t be a coincidence.

“David Ortiz was at the club at least twice, and certainly knew of it,” said Jay-Z’s lawyer, who bolstered his argument with exact dates and photos of Ortiz at 40/40.

In addition to the original Manhattan spot, Jay-Z’s club also has locations in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Tokyo and Macau.

If Ortiz did steal the 40/40 name, he’d be 1/10 of the way toward equaling the total number of stolen bases in his entire career in the Majors.

David Ortiz steals Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club name for Dominican Republic hotspot Forty-Forty: suit [NY Daily News]

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