Pam Anderson Owes $493K In Taxes; Nic Cage Loses His House To Foreclosure

Times are tough everywhere, it seems. Even behind the gilded gates of Hollywood estates, the tax man cometh and the shadow of foreclosure looms large. Now, two of Tinseltown’s higher-profile oddballs, Pamela Anderson and Nicolas Cage, are both feeling the sting of the economic downturn.

First, a newly released from the California Franchise Tax Board includes Ms. Anderson among the list of folks owing more thatn $100,000 in back taxes to the state. According to the document, a lien of $493,144 was filed against the former Baywatch babe last April.

Perhaps that’s why she’s trying to regain some popularity by hoofing it on Dancing With the Stars (a show whose title I’ve always found a bit specious)?

Meanwhile, over in crazy-actor-land, not only has Nicolas Cage lost his sprawling Bel-Air mansion to foreclosure, the new owners were unable to dump it off to the highest bidder at an auction last week.

Cage could probably take a few lessons from HGTV on how to dress his home for potential buyers.

“The design was ‘frat house bordello,’ ” said one real estate agent who had the pleasure of touring the property. “There must have been 300 comic book covers elaborately framed and hanging on the walls.”

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