Midwest Airlines To Take Frontier Name, Still Offer Cookies

Since they both were acquired by the same holding company last year, it’s been an inevitability that both Midwest Airlines and Frontier would eventually end up flying under the same brand, but it remained to be seen whether one would fold into the other or there would be a completely new name. That mystery ended this morning with Republic announcing that, as of today, Midwest will now be part of the Frontier family.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, an airline exec explained, “We’re going to have to have a consistent product offering brand promise for our customers if we’re going to reach our fullest potential.” And after consulting “tens of thousands of customers” and “4,500 employees,” they figured that the Frontier name demonstrated “greater growth potential.”

Of some consolation to fans of Midwest — their famous in-flight chocolate chip cookies will remain.

Midwest Airlines Will Adopt Frontier Name, Keep Chocolate Chip Cookies [Jaunted]

Brand Announcement Video [Qik]

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