Kmart Told Me To Lie On Application To Get A Job

Senyaka said she applied for a temp job at Kmart and the company told her to lie on the screening questionnaire to improve her chances of getting hired.

She writes:

I think if might pass being print worthy of your website.

I put in for a temp job at my Local Kmart for a unloader/stocker.. Just until my real job training in 2 months kicks in..

I filled out on their in-store computer and took a 70+ question about various situation and whatnot.

I call back and was told that if I didn’t get a call after 3pm, to call them.

Completely understand, it takes time and they might be or get busy.

So after 3pm, I call and got told that the 70+ questions are graded by color. Red, Yellow, Green (guessing like in a traffic light and green is good)

and that I can reapply in 90 days and that I should “Fib” to pass.

Being told to lie to get a job….By HR…

I contact Sears and Kmart on their various telephone hotline to be told to call the person that told me to lie about the fact that they told me to lie.

I have used the information from your website to forward my email to other people within their company.

Guess I’m too honest to work there. I don’t see that as a bad thing.

So there you have it. Apparently Kmart is going after people who say the right things, but not necessarily those who do them.