Family Circle Redefines "Free" As "Full Price"

Consumerist reader Mike C. has got quite the sharp eye when it comes to spotting math mess-ups: He sent us this picture of a “free year” subscription offer from Family Circle. Only problem is, there’s absolutely nothing free about this deal.

There are two options on the card. The first, the purported “deal,” gets you two years or 30 issues of the magazine for $15.98 plus $4 in shipping in handling, a set-up they call “2 years for the price of 1.” Option two gets you one year, 15 issues, for $9.99… and no shipping and handling fee.

So, either it’s $15.98 + $4 = $19.98, or $9.99 x 2 = $19.98. Hmm, which to chose? Oh wait, they’re the same price either way you slice it.

Here’s the full-size pic:


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