Guy Sneaks Smoke In Airplane Bathroom, Jerry Bruckheimer Movie Ensues

Sneaking a smoke in an airplane bathroom is not a good idea these days. You may accidentally set off a Jerry Bruckeimer movie. Much like the recent incident where a drunk guy started yelling about jihad on a cruise ship accidentally activating a full on action movie, today we bring you the story of a Qatari diplomat whose secret cigarette on a United Airlines flight from Washington to Denver caused fighter jets to be scrambled.

According to law enforcement agents who spoke to the AP on the condition of anonymity, no explosives were found on the man and they do not believe he intended to harm anyone.

Apparently the man had been smoking in the bathroom when he was asked about the smokey smell. He jokingly replied that he was lighting his shoes on fire. This was not a good idea.

AP’s sources say the man was taken into custody by air marshals and the plane landed safely after fighters jets were scrambled.

[A passenger] told the Associated Press she smelled smoke about an hour into the flight. She said she later looked out the window and saw two jets flying alongside the plane.

“I’m in the sky a lot, and I was thinking that might not be so normal,” she said.

She was angry about being held against her will to be questioned over something so minor.

“He went quietly. There was not a scene,” Turcotte said. “They made this into something that was ridiculous.”

Ridiculous, but action-packed!

AP Source: Man on Flight Trying to Sneak Smoke [ABCNews]

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