USPS Certifies My Tax Doc Package As Lost

Tax preparer Robert thought a sure way to get his tax documents to a client would be to ship them via USPS’s Certified mail. Turned out he may as well have turned to Virgania Horsen. USPS says the package is at a particular post office location but says it can’t find it.

Robert writes:

I’m a tax preparer, with a client in San Francisco. I’m not in California, so I mailed him his taxes via USPS’s Priority mail and Certified (someone has to sign for it).

I mailed the Priority envelope on February 19th and, according to the tracking, it made it to the USPS office [redacted]. My client went to that location inquiring to why he hadn’t received it and if he could have it. They told him they had it, but couldn’t find it. It’s now a month a half later and the tracking still indicates that they have it.

The [redacted] Post Office has been no help, even to my local Post Office who has written to them.

This isn’t someone’s birthday card, it is someone’s taxes with their personal information on it.

Well, at least Robert and his client still have plenty of time left to get the tax return in order. Oh, wait.

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