Get Inked, Get Free Tacos Forever

If you live in the Bay Area and don’t mind getting a little commercial body art, Casa Sanchez has a deal for you: Get Jimmy the Cornman, the San Francisco restaurant’s mascot, tattooed anywhere on your body (minimum size: four square inches), and you get free tacos for life. And, yes, you can get it in a not-quite-public spot and still take advantage of the deal. The restaurant keeps track of its walking billboards, so you don’t have to lift your shirt (or any other article of clothing) to get fed. Unless, that is, you really want to.

The Mission District eatery first offered the free food deal in 1999, and capped participants at 50. Many of those have long since recouped the $100 cost of the tattoo, and still come to the restaurant periodically for a bite (the deal gets you one meal a day). The The current offer began in January, and three people have opted to go under the gun so far.

Most other companies that have tried using tattoos for advertising have used temporary versions, which makes selling your body by the inch seem a little less grotesque. However, in 2005 online casino managed to convince a woman to get the site’s name permanently affixed to her forehead for a mere $10,000. Compared to that, Casa Sanchez’s deal seems downright decent. The real question: How’s the food? If you’re gonna eat it every day for the rest of your life, these had better be the best damn tacos in the world.

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