Tips For Spotting A Fake Coupon

The sea of coupons is fraught with peril, but CouponSherpa has some tips that will help you navigate these treacherous waters.

Our favorites:

Don’t Buy Coupons
That tiny fine print you can’t read at the bottom certifies that the sale of any coupon deems it void. Since several states require coupons to offer cash value, most are 1/20th of a cent — so worthless it’s not worth collecting. There is, however, a broad gray area when ordering coupons from auction sites or other venues. Sellers can legally charge a “processing fee” or shipping fee.

No Expiration Date
Almost all single-series coupons issued include an expiration date. If your deal doesn’t include one, it’s a good bet it isn’t legitimate. While some companies accept expired deals, most businesses will reject coupons if “No Expiration Date” is printed on it.

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