Hey Domino's, Thanks For The Coupon That's Not A Coupon

While it’s relatively pleasant to be writing a story about Domino’s that doesn’t involve a robbery, this is still not a good news post. Consumerist reader Tim recently attempted to use a coupon while ordering online from Domino’s, though apparently no one told Domino’s that their coupons should actually work.

Writes Tim:

I went to try out Domino’s online ordering system, and saw an online coupon for 3 10″ one topping pizzas for $4 each. Getting to checkout though, they show the coupon, yet they still charge $4.99 each instead of $4.

This can’t be a delivery surcharge either, as they have that broken out at the bottom..

As you can see from the screengrab below, there’s the coupon toward the bottom, but there’s no discount given for the purchase.

Instead of trying to deal with hassle of explaining the problem to Domino’s customer service, Tim saved himself a headache and went elsewhere.

“I canceled out of the order entirely when I saw that, and ordered Chinese food instead. Singapore Mei Fun is probably a bit better for me anyways.”


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