Are Best Buy Employees Working On Commission Now?

AnnoyBBYemp, who says he works for Best Buy, says the store has shifted its policy to determine employees’ hours based on commission. The workers who are best at pushing accessories, warranties and optimization will get to make more money.

He writes:

I currently work at Best Buy and as of February 2010 Best Buy employee’s hours have been based on sales. I have been working for the company for a few years now and find it funny that the company likes to brag about its non commissioned sales floor yet this is not entirely true. Employees recently received a memo from corporate saying that hours will be now dictated by % of accessories, services and warranties added to sales. I have also been one to question the optimization policy since Windows 7 was released it is pretty much useless to most consumers who know how to operate a computer.

Just a heads up to everyone who is going to be shopping there in the near future, expect even higher pressured sales from employees trying to sell you accessories you don’t need in order to get more hours. Also, Best Buy recently had a company wide meeting on March 14th which quoted the most recent Consumerist article that bashed on the optimization scam. Now we have new forms that don’t look like an intimidating auto-mechanics service sheet….. I laughed at the new form and let co-workers know how silly it was because it doesn’t change the fact that 40% of our floor stock is still mandated to be pre-setup with optimization, security software installed, and restore discs. Hope this information helps anyone who is being pressured into buying warranties, services, and accessories they don’t need or want.

Can any other Best Buy workers back up AnnoyBBYemp? Customers, does this change the way you view the company’s sales tactics?

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