Macbook Pro Shocks Owner, Leaves Marks

Karen says Apple is shocking her. Not with their innovative product design, but literally, her 2004ish 17″ Macbook Pro is shooting electricity into her arms. “We’re not talking, little static shocks,” Karen writes, presumably, using the selfsame laptop, “these are fully legitly painful shocks.”

And, “When i touch the speaker parts of the computer it vibrates and has an electric charge.”

She’s not the only one. Others have complained about their Macbook Pros shocking them.

Karen says she has tried to contact Apple but has not heard back (she doesn’t have AppleCare). She can’t take it into the Genius Bar, she says, because she needs to use it everyday for school and work. Karen says that, “for now I try to use my computer while making as little physical contact with it as possible…Please stop burning me.”

One solution that has worked for some is that if you keep your Macbook plugged in, to use the extension cable instead of the one directly attached to the adapter. However, Karen says it happens even when it’s not plugged in. Also, get thee to a Genius Bar. It’s entirely possible they could fix the problem within a few minutes and you wouldn’t need to leave your laptop with them.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment.

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